There is a natural pattern or rhythm to each business. If each department within the business understands and applies this knowledge to its business practices, then and only then, can they achieve maximum profitability in a meaningful and satisfied organization.  With each assignment, BS Consulting and Development, LLC studies the true nature of the business and its staff members to ensure that your business endeavors are successful.  The firm specializes in the following areas:

Strategic Planning

  • Profit-driven, customized plans are designed and implemented to fit your unique set of goals and objectives. Revenue generation plans include long and short strategic milestones for continued success. { learn more }

Relationship Building – Partnership Ventures

  • We try to “take the road less traveled” when establishing new sales leads, new cross-promotional or strategic partners.  Each new relationship is nurtured and developed to achieve the most benefit. { learn more }

Market and Feasibility Studies

  • We provide thorough research to understand the latest industry trends, competitive analysis and provide focus group back-up to assist in your business decisions. { learn more }

Social Media

  • The latest social media avenues and practices are employed, whether you need to drive traffic to your business, collect votes, and attract media, or support sales and marketing projects. { learn more }


  • Compelling words and messages can best define your companies’ natural strengths and business objectives. { learn more }

Special Events

  • We design exciting, creative events to showcase your business; the events are created, allow the client/customer to actively become apart of your business. { learn more }

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